About Us

Initiated in 2021 by members with a wealth of experience in the Rubik's Cube and related events, Ottawa Cubing is a volunteer-run organization supporting the cubing community in the Ottawa area. We aim to bring people together through the cube and bring the joys and benefits of cubing to more people, creating a lasting community around the hobby.

We are currently run public meetups downtown, and organise regular competitions. We also hope to expand our events in the future, possibly including, workshops, summer camps and more.

Antoine competing at the China Championship 2018, in which he won the 3x3 and 3x3 one-handed events.

Founder and president: Antoine Cantin

Cubing since 2010, Antoine has long been involved in the cubing community. President of his highschool club (2012-2016), Club de Cube L'Escale, he played an important role in organizing the National Capital Region annual official competition series from 2011 to 2019 (pictured above). Following the gaping hole in cubing left by the pandemic, he's hoping to kick-start the local cubing community and pass it on to the future generation of cubers.

Antoine is an accomplished speedcuber. In fact, he is the Canadian with the most official World Records: including holding three World Records in 3x3 Rubik's Cube one-handed in 2014-2015 (10.87 seconds average time) and breaking the World Record for solving 3x3 Rubik's Cube blindfolded in 2018 (21.18 seconds average time), though not keeping it for more than a day.